Bipolar Disorder Symptoms & Treatments : How to Diagnose Bipolar Disease

Bipolar disease, known more frequently as bipolar disorder, is diagnosed by looking at behavioral symptoms that include periods of mania and periods of depression. Get information on the symptoms of both mania and depression with information from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on bipolar disorder. Expert: David Thomas Contact: Bio: Dr. David Thomas has been certified as a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida since 1986 and the National Board of Certified Counselors since 1987. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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  1. lanekolby

    @RETIREMESOON Thanks for the advice about my condition, I do work out everyday And I get 8 hours of sleep, but when it comes to seeing a doctor I don’t know. I’m sort of nervous and embarrassed to talk about it with my parents. I don’t really know how to open that sort of conversation up.Advice on that subject?


    @Kaybbz100 Check it out don’t wait till age 52 like me.With treatment and management you can have a STABLE,HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL LIFE !!

    This is a mood disorder that runs in families so it’s not your fault.Many famous creative ,intelligent people have this disease and a good treatment plan WORKS to keep it stable.


    @lanekolby YOU ARE DESCRIBING MYSELF AT 15.The shyness results from stress or anxiety because your mood is at the low end.At the high end you are confident and friendly in the manic zone.

    The good news is that you can regulate your mood with Omega 3 EPA…DHA CLEAN TYPE ,Lithium,exercise evryday and 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night.See your doctor for a proper diagnosis.You probably have relatives with depression,anxiety or hospitalizations for mental health issues as this is a genetic.

  4. melisified

    @Kaybbz100 The only thing that I can tell you is to tell your problems to your family. Then, go to s psychiatrist to make sure if you have bipolar.

  5. melisified

    Bipolar I is actually a combination of mania and depression. I don’t think that he explains this well.

  6. ImTwixtorXD

    @lanekolby im 15 as well.. dude 15 is an age where u go through a change.. u need to understand eveyone at 15 feels anxiety a lot of the time.. so more than others and some les.. but everyone feels it at times :0 hope that makes u feel a little better

  7. Tazo411

    I hate my lifeee! No wait I love it :D

  8. lanekolby

    Someone please tell me what’s wrong. I am 15 years old. I have many friends but it is very difficult, one day I am very happy and friendly and can be friends with everybody but then the next day I want to be antisocial and keep to myself. It is very difficult to be around people because of my random mood swings. I have studied bipolar disease tremendously and am wondering. Could anybody tell me what I could possibly be dealing with here??? If anybody could respond, thank you.

  9. Kaybbz100

    hi,im 14 and recently i’ve been expieriencing symptoms of bipolar dissorder.i normally wake up quite angry or annoyed&im easily irritated,i’m finding it hard to concentrate,low attention spand,i constantly feel low&like i cant do anything right&just feel hopeless,but then there are times where i just feel on top of the world,hyper,like i can do anything,if you can give me any advise on weather i should check it out or not be worried about it then i would apreciate it,thanks.

  10. bminternet43

    i have bipolar too bipolar 1


    @babybird181 I have Bipolar ansd I know that SELF MEDICATING for Bipolar is VERY COMMON.

    You should read some books on the disease and look at the ” Mayo Clinic ” sympotoms of Mania and Depression.

    Book to read is about Kay Redfield ” AN UNQUIET MIND ” who takes you on her (GENETIC___ journey into madness).Remember that this disease gets worse with age and it can lead to addiction,relationship instability,early onset dementia and death by suicide if left untreated.

    EDUCATION first !!

  12. babybird181

    Its funny….I have used drugs and alcohol regularly since I was 13 and although diagnosed at 12 I wonder if they got it wrong due to me being high most of the time. Hmmmmm…..I know somethings wrong just not sure what.

  13. mancheromanchero

    @TheN4TH4L13 anything can kill you. it depends on how you deal with it.

  14. TheN4TH4L13

    can this kill you

  15. 131360love

    @131360love my*

  16. 131360love

    @Jiberist friend just said he had Bi Polar, but now when i think about i act like what you just said. Oh well if i do then fuck it I AM NOT GOING TO BE MEDICATED! I RATHER BE MYSELF THEN HAVE SOME SHIT PUT IN ME SO I ACTED LIKE A DAMN MINDLESS FOOL! OH HELL NO! and most people that the “Dr says have it” are in their teens. do you know ONE teen that is not happy or acts edgy?! WE ARE YOUNG AND DO STUPID SHIT IT IS A DAMN FACT! and suicidal people your emo join the emo people. end of story thank u

  17. MrJar111

    if u have suicidal thoughts is it already considered as bipolar?

  18. AkathisiA101

    Diabetes and related complications like hyperglycemia, ketoacidosis, pancreatitis, coma, and death. These side effects can develop at any point during treatment, but we know whats best for you. Its our bussiness to sell drugs, that cause disability, and psychological suffering.
    There are No lab tests,MRIs, brain scans, X-rays or chemical imbalance tests that can verify any mental disorder is a physical condition. -victim of psychiatry

  19. 5209410


  20. matjos26

    Bipolar is not a disease

  21. b98jewels

    Very helpful!!!

  22. Unlockable69

    @Harribo94 it can be from hours to days to even months.

    for me I feel like I always have a different mood every week. I’m not diagnosed but my family, friends and loved ones do believe I have strong symptoms. Maybe I should get checked before I do something.. drastic.

  23. forfetable

    @occultpriestess what if it is, because sometimes i get this high, this energy that happens out of the blue and i feel like im so superior and that everything feels so right a soft in it’s place, kinda makes you wonder!

  24. Harribo94

    If you have bipolar do you stay depressed for days and then change because I go depressed then happy then angry within an hour or so?